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The Old Tradition of Pasta Factories in the Agro-Nocerino

Of those numerous and glorious Nocerine families dedicated to the “white art”, almost no one remains. The "almost" is necessary because only one has resisted the attacks of technology and computerization:  Raimondo Vicidomini, whose ancestors started dedicating themselves to pasta production in 1812.
All of the competitors have since closed after more than a century of pasta production. Luigi and Mario Vicidomini are the sixth generation to carry on the family tradition. Approximately two centuries of pasta that moved from Nocera Inferiore to Castel San Giorgio: (Castel San Giorgio has become one of the more important industrial and trade districts in Campania, since the construction of the highway Caserta-Salerno that crosses Agro-Vesuviano and Agro-Nocerino in order to connect the Autostrada del Sole to the Salerno-Reggio Calabria.)

In order to understand the difference between an artisan and an industrial/commercial product, one must visit Castel San Giorgio, where the “artigianato”
(artisan craftsmanship) spirit is valued highly. In the heart of the village of Castel San Giorgio amidst splendid churches and Noblemen’s villas, there remains an authentic pre-industrial factory, where authenticity of the product is borne of the winds and abundant waters of the region.


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